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Only the Best for your Business

Our goal is to provide you with the cheapest printing and packaging solutions in Singapore. When you confirm your order with Singapore Packaging, we guarantee that you are getting your products at the best available price. 


In the unlikely event where you find a cheaper price upon confirmation of your order, please let us know and we will match the difference between our price and the lower price under the following terms and conditions:


1. You contact us immediately upon receiving a quotation with a lower price, including a scanned soft copy of the other quotation and the exact price being quoted.


2. The quotation must include the following:

- The prices quoted must be based on the exact specifications quoted by Singapore Packaging

- Have the identical conditions attached (including but not limited to cancellation policy or delivery fees)

- Your acknowledgement of the quotation (signature and company stamp)

- The company's authorized representative's acknowledgement (signature and company stamp)

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